What We Do

We provide cultural and recreational resources to promote and preserve African arts, languages and culture.

Language Classes

We currently run Yorùbá language classes for children. Our language classes for children are delivered through storytelling, songs, games, and role-playing, all of which are designed to bring the language to life and make the learning process a fun and interactive experience.


We are keen to create connections by bringing people together and discussing issues that are relevant to our community.

Our webinars are aimed at exploring the topic of raising children who are rooted with a clear sense of their cultural identity. We explore how we can we inspire our children to have a clear sense of the beauty and value in their heritage, and share meaningful experiences that enable our children develop a clear sense of their own transnational identity, belonging, and purpose.

Book Club

The aim of our Book Club is to keep our stories alive and showcase the talent and creativity of African authors from across the continent. Our Book Club is for anyone (aged above 10 years old) who enjoys reading and would like to share this interest with others. It’s for anyone who wants to discover Africa through the eyes and pen of Africans. 

Special Events

We regularly host arts and crafts workshops, book launches, performances, exhibitions and seasonal events for Black History month, Christmas parties etc. All our events are open to the general public.

Events Gallery


Hair, it’s a Family Affair – Book Reading by Mylo Freeman

CultureTree event

Book launch: Edwardsville by Heart (Kola Tubosun) and Panel discussion: Holding on to the mother tongue in the 21st century