3-part webinar series exploring the personal, mental, social, and economic implications of culture and language loss on children and adults of African heritage

Part One: Changing mindsets; developing a sense of pride in our culture and embracing it in our daily lives

Africans are multicultural and mostly multilingual.

Across the continent we speak at least two languages and have more than one cultural perspective. The socio-economic benefits are immense.

Our children excel academically and are excellent communicators. However, we take our primary culture and language for granted, unable or unwilling to pass it on.

Therefore, by the 2nd generation most of that value is lost, our children become monolingual, leading to an erosion of self identity and belonging.

In the 1st session of our 3-part webinar series, our guest panellists Tunde Kelani, Professor Zhu Hua and Ukamaka Olisakwe will explore the risks, benefits and challenges of living across multiple cultures and languages without losing the sense of who we are.

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Friday 29th May 2020


18:00 – 19:30 (GMT)


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