About CultureTree

Our mission is to preserve and promote West African languages and culture in the hearts and minds of children and adults across the world, empowering them to develop their personal and authentic expression of their unique culture within their country of residence.

Culture Tree Ltd. was founded in 2015, when Gbemisola Isimi mother of 2, discovered that there weren’t many resources or avenues to help with teaching her children her mother tongue, Yorùbá.

Our team continues to grow as we partner and work on innovative and immersive ways to teach and showcase the beauty, value and diversity of cultures on the African continent, making it fun, entertaining, engaging and accessible to everyone, wherever they are.

CultureTree TV

On this website and our YouTube channel (CultureTreeTV) children and adults can access animated African nursery rhymes, African folktales and other resources.

We produce children’s programmes which is distributed across TV channels in the UK and Africa.

We are also active on social media and have built a growing number of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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